Graham Dunning & Embla Quickbeam

Live tape-swap set with Embla Quickbeam (Brighton)

On Sunday 5th April myself and Embla Quickbeam (aka Rowan Forestier-Walker) will play our second live performance, at Splitting The Atom XXV. The first time we played together was in February 2013, also in Brighton.

Over the past five months we have been swapping cassettes through the post – each recording one track and sending them back – and also various objects, paper and ephemera to influence each others’ recording choices. For the performance we’ll use these sounds and collage them into a new piece.

In 2013 when we played we’d never met and didn’t really know what to expect of each other – we both enjoyed the set and the way our sounds worked together. In the spirit of that performance we aren’t rehearsing for this one either; we’ll just turn up and play.

Club Zygotic and Lost Property presents:


Sunday 5th April
Green Door Store
2PM- 10:30PM
donations sought and accepted


Article published in eContact! 16.4: Experimental Practices and Subversion in Sound

I’ve written about three of my projects for eContact!, the online journal of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community. The “Gallery” post features images of some of my equipment and explanations of how I work. Click here for my article, or see below for more info about the full publication.

Communauté électroacoustique canadienne (CEC) Canadian Electroacoustic Community Contact! 16.4 Experimental Practices and Subversion in Sound / Pratiques sonores expérimentales et subversives Guest Editor: Karin Weissenbrunner

[E] The ephemeral and varied character of subversion in musical creation makes it a challenging, complex concept to clearly define and illustrate. In this issue it is approached and reflected upon via a range of experimental practices with turntables, tapes and other devices, fringe genres, sound sculptures, and alternative models of music distribution.
[F] Le caractère éphémère et diversifié du concept de subversion dans la création musicale en fait un concept complexe, difficile à définir et illustrer. Dans ce numéro, on l’aborde sous l’angle des pratiques expérimentales avec tourne-disques, cassettes et autres dispositifs, des genres marginaux, de la sculpture sonore et des modèles alternatifs de distribution musicale.
Subversive Qualities in Experimental Practices by Karin Weissenbrunner
The Musical Underground and the Popular and Classical Overground by Stephen Graham
Plunderphonics, or Audio Piracy as a Compositional Prerogative by John Oswald
Negative Money: Care of Editions by Gary Schultz
Copyriot by dieb13
A Personal Approach to Subversion by Antony Maubert
Scherzophobia: Toward a postmusic by Jon Panther
Épater la bourgeoisie… whatever. On the obsolescence of subversion by jef chippewa
Instant Cut by JD Zazie
[GALLERY] Graham Dunning
[GALLERY] Martin Howse
[GALLERY] Timo Kahlen
A Snapshot of My Deepest Psyche: Interview with turntablist Joke Lanz [EN]
Eine Momentaufnahme meiner tiefsten Psyche: Interview mit Turntablist Joke Lanz [DE] by Karin Weissenbrunner
Analogue Synthesizers, Phonetics and the Human Voice: Conversation with Romanian-American composer Gheorghe Costinescu by Bob Gluck
From “Doing the Dirty Jobs” to Electronic Music Composer: Conversation with Spanish composer Andrés Lewin-Richter by Bob Gluck

“As Above So Below” – Performance with Moon Ra to mark the solar eclipse (Bristol).

I’ll play drum and light-synth drone with Moon Ra at this spectacular event:

Cacophonous Sarcophagus and MKII present:

A night of sonic alchemy in the crypt and the church upstairs.

As Above, So Below
St John the Baptist church & crypt, Bristol
20.03.2015 | Total Solar Eclipse
[facebook event]


Moon RA are an improvisatory drone-collective based in London.
Featuring up to 40 performers of varying disciplines including; projectionists, costume designers, stylists and videographers, plus all forms of instrumentation (including the St. John’s pipe organ), they create immersive worlds of sound you can lose yourself in.

On 20th March, the Total Solar Eclipse and Vernal Equinox, Moon RA will simultaneously take over the crypt space as well as the church upstairs, for a performance titled ‘As Above, So Below’. Previous shows include playing London’s Round Chapel on New Years’ Day and a fort in Rome on the Solstice.

Concerning the Bristol show, the groups’ spiritual leader Mark Wagner explained;

“The lighter more ætherial sounds / performers will occupy the church space, creating a more subtle and airy form of sound-ritual magic.
Downstairs would host a more ‘dark’ tribal and physical type of ritual performance.
The audience would dip in and out of both, absorbing the contrast and polarity of both atmospheres.”

The performance will last for approximately 4 hours and entry is free, relying on donations and purchases of some special prints which will be available to buy on the night.


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Release: “Wound” recycled cassettes / plus remix album

Wound-front Wound-tapes

New album released today on cassette and digital download: Wound. Get it via bandcamp.

Accompanying the tape is a download album of remixes, Rewound, also through bandcamp.

Wound is a cassette album made by sampling found tapes. The new tracks were then recorded back onto the original cassettes to make an edition of 20 unique tapes. I made the cover by collaging the cardboard sleeves from the original cassettes in the same way.

New video in “London: A Sonic Fragment” exhibition at The Auricle (Christchurch, New Zealand)


Sonic Fragment is an ambitious group show that brings together contemporary sound artists congregating in London, England. Despite tough living conditions, for artists especially, the capital still attracts and fosters a rich sound art scene. Their sonic concerns are varied as they are broad, travelling across spaces: galleries, nightclubs, squat parties, academic institutions and site specific work. Sonic Fragment aims to provide a glimpse of the cross disciplinary activities and shifting terrain of sound art emanating from the capital. London’s vibrant scene is installed into and pouring out of the Auricle.

Shelley Parker, Disinformation, GPUD, Graham Dunning, Greta Pistaceci, Brown Sierra, Helen Frossi. Curated by Justyna Burzynska.

The Auricle, 35 New Regent St Christchurch New Zealand 8011
12pm-5pm Wed-Sun & Thurs-Sat eves
Opening: 5 February, 6-8pm
A survey of contemporary British Sound Art
Facebook event

Untitled(Translation1)-still3The video is called Untitled (Translation 1) which features abstract visual imagery over a repetitive, droning, polyrhythmical sound track. The audio for the piece audio uses the Music By The Metre method.  The visual output of using transposed methods I call Video Drone. Multiple layers of audio and video create a hypnotic, spiralling montage, made to evoke a dystopian dream sequence or meditative state.