New releases: handmade short-run cassette // Stone Tapes – miniature monoliths

Available now from my bandcamp page are two new physical releases: a short run handmade cassette and a cast miniature monolith.


Cat’s Eyes is an edition of five cassettes each individually recorded, with handmade covers.  Cassettes used were from a boxed set set called “Cat’s Eyes”. The tapes and box were recycled for this release: The covers are made from parts of the original plastic box, with lino-cut printing, letraset text and cut-up blurb.
Made during the event Collecting // Objects // Sounding at Goldsmiths, University of London, July 2015.

Stone Tapes (master, copy)

Secondly, Stone Tapes: hand cast duplicates of a stone found by the Thames bank with similar dimensions to a tape. This is an edition of nine stone tapes cast in hard plaster with pigment. Each is unique with minor imperfections from the casting process, with an etched number, date and initial on the base.
The title refers to Nigel Kneale’s 1972 BBC drama The Stone Tape, in which tragic events of the past are preserved in ancient stones by electromagnetic forces.

Stone Tapes have been exhibited at:
Reactor Halls, Primary, Nottingham, June 2015
Collecting // Objects // Sounding, Goldsmiths, University of London, June 2015


Music by the Metre Kiosk at TransActing: A Market of Values, Chelsea College (London)

For this event exploring “wealth beyond capital” I’ll be manning the Music by the Metre Kiosk, selling abstract music off the peg and discussing Situationist International member Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio’s take on economics and anti-matter.  Full details below/website // Facebook page here.

TransActing: A Market of Values
Saturday, 11th July 2015, 12 – 5pm

Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street, SW1P 4JU London, United Kingdom

This bustling pop-up market will feature artists, designers, economists, civil-society groups, academics, ecologists, activists and others who creatively explore existing structures of evaluation and actively produce new ones.

Organised by Critical Practice, #TransActingwill take place on the historic Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, located between Tate Britain and Chelsea College of Arts. The Market will showcase skillshares, freegan cafes, an auction, a blood donation bank, expert and enthusiast knowledge, an estate agent and other resources. Diverse forms of value production will animate economies beyond the financial.

Care, trust, creativity and generosity are forms of exchange that coexist with money but cannot be made equivalent to pounds and pence. It’s wealth beyond capital that will be produced at #TransActing.

The Market of Values will be hosted in bespoke structures built by Critical Practice, Public Works and others. These stalls will be interspersed with other spaces of assembly and exchange: a speakers’ corner, a social cinema, while multiple currencies will circulate, not all of them monetary

Whilst the values of competitive markets dominate contemporary life, including art and its education, other kinds can and do coexist. Some even flourish in alternative communities of evaluation. #TransActing will nurture and celebrate these value relations in a spectacular one-day event.

Critical Practice is: Metod Blejec, Marsha Bradfield, Cinzia Cremona, Neil Cummings, Neil Farnan, Angela Hodgson-Teal, Karem Ibrahim, Catherine Long, Amy McDonnell, Claire Mokrauer-Madden, Eva Sajovic, Kuba Szreder, Sissu Tarka and many more besides.

Visit for more information or email


Collecting // Objects // Sounding – performance and talk (London)

An update on my plans for the event:
– During the day I’ll exhibit some of the stuff I collect including Post-It notes, blank cassette sleeves and home-made cassette covers.
– I’ll also make a new short run recycled tape edition, including the covers. They’ll be recorded sequentially with a Music by the Metre set-up.
– In the evening I’ll join in the panel discussion on Collcting // Objects // Sounding – how each of the artists use their collections in their work
– finally, an improvised performance for which I’ll use some of my collection of instructional cassettes, home recordings and some chance-made loops.

A day of performances, talks, and installations exploring collections, archives and objects and their possibility for animation in sound and music. Featuring Graham Dunning, Helen Frosi, Ian Stonehouse, Lisa Busby and Ruthie Woodward, plus more TBC.

“Memory is a vast archive of abstracts and curios, which are all the time being rearranged and revalued by the archivist; the past is constantly being re-made by the present.”
Arthur Koestler, The Ghost in the Machine

“Everything that matters is to be found in the card box of the researcher who wrote it, and the scholar studying it assimilates it into his own card index”
Walter Benjamin, One Way Street and Other Writings

Collecting // Objects // Sounding
Friday 26th June 2015
The Electronic Music Studios, Richard Hoggart Building
Goldsmiths University, New Cross, London
2pm – 8pm


Artists and researchers present their collections and works in progress. Featuring Graham Dunning, Helen Frosi, Ian Stonehouse, Lisa Busby and Ruthie Woodward. Visit the open studios to meet the artists and see their work.

Cassette splicing workshop led by recent BMus Popular Music alumni. Drop in at any time for splicing and destruction. All materials supplied.

Panel discussion and group performance

Hosted by the Popular Music Research Unit and the Electronic Music Studios
All events are free and open to all


AAS: Young Castle of the Elder Sun – performance & live video stream

21 JUNE 2015

11:00 – 13:00 EDT

16:00 – 18:00 BST

17:38 BST / 12:38 EDT

Streamed live at

[text begins]
[Continuity announcer voice]
“At the sun strip, live from the River Hudtyne end of the world…”
[Cut to rotting vegetation cam]

“…Mud in a pile. Add some sticks. Put an egg on top!”
[Jack Hargreaves clearing his throat]
<create the obstacle>
“Gallery Northflux, in association with the Solar Holectics Channel, presents an evening of LIGHT entertainment (de)programming”
[Bloods flow together]

[In female North American advert voice-over voice]
“I’ve got a throat infection (also think its moving into my brain)”
[Text flashes: Tectonic Abjection NOW!]

At 5:38 the thing happens.
[Sound of magma]

“For those only just tuning in…”
[A monolith]

“And now, a message from our sponsors…”
[Empty hollow thud]
[text ends]


Reactor Halls E16: Ghost in the Machine Music (Nottingham)

My next performance is at an event I’ve also created: Ghost in the Machine Music takes place on Saturday 6th June at Reactor Halls, Primary, Nottingham.

For the event I’ve invited four other artists working with sound to present work considering Nottingham and its cultural heritage, the space itself, and broader themes of obsolescence and the role of the machine in creative practice. Full details below.

Advance tickets come with an exclusive cassette, featuring tracks by all the artists involved: Leslie Deere, Tom Mudd, Tom Richards, Shelley Parker and myself.

Ghost in The Machine Music - mixed by Shelley Parker & Tom Richards by Graham Dunning on Mixcloud


Reactor Halls E16: Ghost in the Machine Music
Graham Dunning
Saturday 6 June

Doors: 19:00
Performance: 19:30-22:30
£7 advance tickets (includes limited edition mixtape)
£3 on the door

Electronic music as machine music – the ghost in the machine – rhythm and drone – the traces left behind – Stone Tapes – planned obsolescence

Electronic music as shamanic music – subsonic frequencies – peripheral hearing as hallucination – polydrone and polyrhythm – stacks of white labels dumped in a skip

Five experimental artists explore the ingrained social, physical and sonic resonances of Primary and Nottingham through the prism of DIY electronic music. With installations and performances from Leslie Deere, Graham Dunning, Tom Mudd, Shelley Parker and Tom Richards.

Get a limited edition mixtape produced by the artists with an advance ticket here

Leslie Deere
Originally from Tennessee, Leslie moved to the UK to study Sonic Art, continuing from a performing arts dance back ground in NYC. Her recent eight channel sound installation for Air Space Gallery in Stoke drew on the city’s history of rave culture and industrialisation. Leslie’s live performances use analogue and digital audio equipment alongside field recordings and her lo-fi video projections, to make abstract and absorbing drone collages. Leslie has exhibited internationally with shows in Italy and Switzerland, and has a permanently installed sculpture in Geneva. Commissions include sound installations for Kew Gardens, Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Art and London Fashion Week SS15. She is represented by Galerie Analix Forever, Geneva / Paris.

Graham Dunning
Graham Dunning’s solo project, Mechanical Techno: Ghost in the Machine Music, is a live-dubbed rhythmical collage made of record crackle, analogue synthesizer, dubplates and clumsily triggered drum machines.
Originally a studio project for making recordings, this method it is now also performed live. Several looping records spin on the same axle which ensures they stay approximately in time with each other. Graham layers up locked groove records, audio triggers to analogue synths, mechanically played percussion such as a cowbell or a cymbal, and mechanically triggered drum machines. The artist takes all these inputs and performs a live dub, mixing it down to two channels live in one take. Each set-up is unique. The technique is inherently clumsy and delicate, leading to frequent and multiple mistakes and accidents. The chance elements and unpredictable aspects lead to compositions the artist would never think to deliberately make.

Lee Scratch Perry described Dub as “the ghost in me coming out” – Using the Mechanical Techno set-up Graham aims to release the Ghost in the Machine. Graham Dunning is self-taught as an artist and musician having studied neither discipline academically. He has performed solo and in ensembles across the UK, Switzerland and Norway, and shown solo sound installations in the UK, New Zealand and USA. He teaches Experimental Sound Art at the Mary Ward Centre in London and also gives various independent workshops. Dunning has releases on Entr’acte, Linear Obsessional, Raw Tonk and other DIY labels.

Tom Mudd
Tom Mudd is a musician and programmer interested in relationships between software, composition and improvisation. His current work explores new synthesis methods through the use of Duffing oscillators coupled with banks of resonant filters. The resultant systems have many properties in common with acoustic systems found in reed or bowed instruments. Tom’s other works include Nonlinear Dynamical Systems – a research project investigating the use of nonlinear dynamical systems in digital musical interfaces; Porcelain Music – An ongoing project exploring the sounds of Walther Stürmer’s porcelain sculptures. With Tobias Stürmer and Akāshamitra; and Haptic Interfaces – a research project investigating haptic interfaces for new musical instruments stemming from a STEIM residency.

“There are musical ideas built in to all sounding technologies on some level – whether intentionally or not.  That seems to relate to the ‘ghost in the machine’ – the creative input from the tool itself.”

Shelley Parker
Shelley Parker is an artist based in London. Live audio feeds, bass frequencies and found sounds are recurring themes within her performance, installation and music production. In 2003 she joined the Haywire DJ roster alongside Andrew Weatherall, Radioactive Man and Magda. Her distinctive bass driven sets, encompassing elements of old school hardcore, techno and electro led to regular DJ sets at Fabric, The End and the T Bar where she became resident. Since 2008, she has performed her bass heavy hypnotic live sets alongside artists such as Zoviet France, Roly Porter and Aleksi Perala. Her site specific live sets include: Beachy Head for the Cerith Wynn Evans’ programme incorporating a live audio feed from nearby Beachy Head and for her residency at Space Studios in London, a live performance at the White Building employing sounds of the static hiss of pylons and electricity hum recorded at Dungeness Power Station. In May 2013 she also contributed to the Hydroacoustics event with a performance inside the hull of the MS Stubnitz constructed entirely from audio samples of the ship itself.

Tom Richards
Tom Richards uses re-purposed and outmoded electronic technologies to create abstract sound works, referencing shamanic music, rave culture, and minimalist composition. Richards has developed his own idiosyncratic modular electronic music system, with which he creates slowly evolving and heavily textured polyrhythmic improvisations. His individual approach and reductive palette lead to a taut rhythmically focused sonic experience. Tom has been walking the line between Sonic Art, Sculpture and Music since graduating with an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art in 2004. He has exhibited and performed widely in the UK, as well as internationally in the US, Germany and Sweden. Selected works and live performances have taken place at Tate Britain, The Queen Elizabeth Hall, The Science Museum, Spike Island, Cafe Oto, MK Gallery, Bold Tendencies, Soundfjord, and Resonance FM.


Mechanical Techno live set at City University (London)

On Tuesday 12th May I’m playing live at City University, using the Mechanical Techno setup. This will be my first gig in London with the expanded system, having debuted it in Newcastle a couple of weeks ago.  Full details below.


Due to limited space, please ensure you sign up to this concert here:

This concert focuses on electronic DIY instruments.

Dirty Electronics bring spinning hard drives, feedback and over-blown woodwind together in John Richards’ new work ‘Hidden Sine’ (2015). Participants of the Dirty Electronics workshop will demonstrate their created instruments and unearth sounds buried in detritus electronics. Dirty Electronics will be joined by City University Experimental Ensemble.

Graham Dunning’s ‘ Mechanical Techno – Ghost in the machine music’ will feature vinyl dissonance for lost memories: a live dubbed rhythmical collage made of squeezed record crackle, analogue synthesizer, dubplates of field recordings, dusty shellac records and clumsily triggered drum machines.

Sound artist and designer Yuri Suzuki will perform with sampler and electronics. In general, he produces work that explores the realms of sound through exquisitely designed pieces.

Pre-concert talk with John Richards’ ‘Hidden Sine’ in AG09, 6:00-6:45pm
FREE ADMISSION, all welcome.

Performance Space (ALG10)
College Building
City University London
St John St (between Spencer St and Wyclif St)
London EC1V 4PB