Review of Thursday’s performance

Matt Dalby, sound-poet and performance artist, who took part in the live art night at Kraak last Thursday, has written a review of my set with Gary Fisher on his blog, Santiago’s Dead Wasp.
Here’s an abridged version:

“Probably the biggest set-up on the night were the desks that Gary Fisher and Graham Dunning were playing from. They played in collaboration, Graham mainly using decks and Gary using a variety of hand-made instruments played through a delay pedal. They played a couple of sets, although earlier in the night I was playing with my installation so wasn’t able to concentrate as I would have liked. Later on they played two extended improvisations that combined pre-recorded sounds (tape, vinyl) with sounds generated live by either physical objects or electronic noise-makers. The effects were very restrained and subtle, sometimes even funny, and ranged from accumulated washes and throbs of tone through to harsh percussive sounds. Although Gary had more recognisable instruments on his desk, Graham’s were perhaps the more traditionally musical contributions.

“The music/sounds were more abstract than recognisably melodic, and each artist seemed to be echoing the other in some way, as well as responding to the physical environment of the gallery. Graham had some interesting recordings of speech that occupied an uncertain space between reassuringly quotidian and disturbing depending on how they were framed.”

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