#six_events in 2008 was performed by hundreds in 29 countries across the globe over 6 days.

#sixty_six_events is over a full 24 hour period and can be performed by anyone, anywhere.

#freely interpret and perform any number of the 66 events within the given time.

#document your actions and send to

read. respond. relax. repeat.


sixty_six_events is an international happening organised by Matthew Lee Knowles.
I’m hosting a room at Islington Mill, Salford, Manchester, where you are welcome to come and perform any number of the events. I’ll be in room 206 from 10am to 10pm with cameras to document your performances. I’ll have some of the necessary equipment, but feel free to bring your own props too.

I’ll also be interpreting and performing some of the events myself, including some sound performances and some circuit bending.

Please visit the website – – for a full list of events.

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