Videos from sixty_six_events

Following on from the 12 hours I spent making work in the studio for sixty_six_events, below are links to some of the video pieces I made. Each video was made in response to an instruction, which also gave the piece its title.

Close your eyes for 4’20”
The camera points directly at my face. I used a sine tone to alert me to the time.

Fix an unbroken thing/object
I circuit bent a fully working toy walkie-talkie to make internal feedback  noises. While the actual activity took me about 45 minutes, I edited the video down.

Take a map of one location & apply it to another
Using electrical tape I copied lines from a 1953 map onto the studio floor.

Watch TV for exactly 3 minutes
Alongside Gary Fisher I watched TV static for the set time.

Cross The Line
Gary Fisher interpreted this instruction by drawing a chalk line along the corridor and stepping across it.

Ring a bell until you tell yourself to stop
I made a sound installation in response to this instruction. (blog)

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