Sound art workshops and performances at Kraak

This Saturday (17th April) I’m running an artist’s workshop and performing an improvised piece using turntables.  The workshops take place as part of the Lost Language group show at Kraak.
See below for more information:

A day of performances and workshops as part of the Lost Language exhibition.
Workshops and talks:
Curator Louise Woodcock will give a talk about the Lost Language exhibition and her art and theory practice that inspired the concept. This talk is intended to involve much discussion around the issues of the abject: what we are horrified by and why, and about the work in the exhibition.

Sound poet Matt Dalby will hold a workshop on sound poetry. There will be an introductory talk on the history and techniques of sound poetry with examples. Participants are then given a text, some blank paper and writing materials, and a microcassette recorder with microcassette to create their own piece of sound poetry.

Graham Dunning will hold a practical workshop for people of any ability experimenting with the different sounds which can be made with vinyl records. Partiipants will be able to test out different techniques, hear the results of their experiments, and keep a sound-object they have made.

Graham Dunning will perform an improvised session exploring the relationship between sound and music using turntables and objects. Crackles, drones, tones, and rhythmical elements alongside field recordings from dubplates and various non-vinyl objects played on the turntables.

Gary Fisher will perform live using objects and home-made instruments.

Helen Shanahan will be drawing over one of her films, gradually obscuring the image over time. The film focuses on the artist’s personal sense of loss as her grandparents prepare to leave their remote village home of fifty years.

Matt Dalby will be performing live with recorded sounds and various sound sources.

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