Review of Saturday’s workshop and performance

First of all thanks to those who came down to Kraak on Saturday for the day. We started with an excellent talk from curator Louise Woodcock about the show and her own work, then had a tour of the exhibition and discussed each of the works as a group.

Later, an excellent workshop from Matt Dalby on sound poetry and my workshop on modifying records. Helen Shanahan performed a moving live painting piece over her projected film, with live sound from Gary Fisher.

Finally, myself, Gary and Matt performed as a trio – an impromptu set up due in part to running short of time – which worked really well, especially considering Matt had never performed live with other people before! There’s video footage and sound recordings which need stitching together; these should be available soon, possibly as a physical release.

Matt has given a much more detailed account of the day’s events on his blog, Santiago’s Dead Wasp. Click here to go straight to the page. Many thanks to Mauro Cullati for the photos. The exhibition runs until Friday 23rd April, 11am-5pm, so this week is your last chance to see it. See the Kraak website for more details.

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