24 Hour performance: an investigation into entropy

Mill 24 is an exhibition lasting only twenty four hours but featuring dozens of artists.  I’m taking part from 6pm on 29th May to 6pm on 30th May, in a performance lasting the whole duration. Mill 24 takes place at Islington Mill in Salford.

“The concept for this project was born out of an interest in the quick turnaround of exhibition programming and the short attention span towards art that comes with it. The 24-hour time frame is essentially one private view, prolonging the excitement of an opening but turning all of the artwork shown in the exhibition into ‘limited edition’ works, once the day is over the work will not be seen again at the same venue. We have curated these engaging, interactive shows so that throughout one day several performances, happenings, and ‘openings’ occur simultaneously.” (from the mill 24 website)

I intend to spent 24 hours as the conductor and subject of a pseudo-scientific experiment into entropy and the Arrow of Time, exploring the laws of thermodynamics by using my artistic practice as a metaphorical scientific specimen. Simultaneously I will be the scientist, making measurements and recording results, and the group of atoms interacting with other parts of the system.

Islington Mill, and my studio within it, will act as the closed system under study. The limited time frame will be an experimental condition. Loosely equating creativity with heat, I will start from a temperature of absolute zero: a blank scientific sketchbook, an empty workspace and no preconceived ideas for making work.

At the close of the exhibition I will have made a combined lab report / sketchbook. Within the report there will be written records of interactions with other artists; Polaroids, taken on the hour, of my workspace; drawings, diagrams, charts and graphs; found objects or pieces of paper; or anything else that seems relevant. In addition there are likely to be sound recordings, video footage, photographs, maquettes and other objects, all of which will be thoroughly documented.

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