Presentation and performance for Sonic Arts Forum 2010

Untitled (2010, installation view)

This Saturday (22nd May 2010) I’m presenting some of my work for discussion alongside many other artists and sound practitioners at the Sonic Arts Forum in Huddersfield. I’ll be showing the sound from my Untitled installation (see image on right), with the intention of opening up a discussion on low-tech solutions to multichannel audio and maybe some wider  aesthetic questions about placement of sounds within the sonic field.

Later on I’ll be performing a solo improvised set with turntables, modified records and objects,  and hopefully collaborating with some of the other participants.

The other artists presenting their work and performing are: Stuart Russell, Sonia Paco-Rocchia, Ian Gibson, Sara Ross, Frederico Macedo, David Hindmarch, Daz Disley, Scott Hewitt, Paul Wilson, Karen Lauke, Louise Woodcock, Mark Pilkington and Tom Brown.

The Forum is part of the wider Week of Speakers event; plenty of interesting stuff going on over the week including a great multichannel audio set-up and lots of improvisation.

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