Photos from Sonic Arts Forum

Had a great day on Saturday at the Sonic Arts Forum in Huddersfield. Excellent to meet and hear from so many other artists working with sound in different ways: installation artists, acousmatic composers, live coders, typographers, film makers, etc. etc.. Highlights included the immense eight channel surround system, a great improv session and most of all meeting some lovely people.

My talk about my recent Untitled installation went well and it was great to get feedback and ideas from the est of the attendees. Above all I’m looking forward to the next one!

Pictures below are of my performance in the evening conference. It was really interesting to have my sound ‘diffused’ live around the submersive rig; apologies for not getting the name of the guy playing the desk, but a recording (unfortunately only stereo, but you get some of the feel of the space) will be made available soon.

Many thanks to Louise Woodcock for the photos.

2 thoughts on “Photos from Sonic Arts Forum

  1. I didnt know about this Graham or I’d have come along !! Great news about your comission in Birmingham, you deserve it. See you Friday.

  2. Will keep you updated for the next one Ian, it was great.
    Thanks for your congrats, I’m really looking forward to it! see you then, gggg

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