Busy weekend: two exhibitions and a performance

A quick round-up of my activities this coming weekend, the busiest I’ve had for ages.

Friday evening I’m performing with turntables and objects as part of an improvising trio alongside Ian Simpson (analogue electronics) and Richard Knight (laptop manipulation) at their night Electronic Organica.  It’s going to be a great night with sets from London’s VLK and Birmingham’s Thee Moths – both terrific acts.

Throughout Saturday I’ve got some visual work showing at UNSUNGfest, a festival of poetry and the word. I’m showing one permutation of Magical Worlds of Melody,  which this time features a college and two adapted records.  I’ll also be giving an informal talk about the work. More info here.

Finally, the biggest event of the weekend by far is Mill 24, a huge happening / opening / exhibition / endurance test:  a continuous 24 hour show, for which I’m giving a performance. Over the twenty-four hours I’ll be investigating entropy and the arrow of time through making my art:  equating creative energy to heat energy I’ll be starting with a blank slate and drawing in ideas from the dozens of other artists involved. More info here.

Finally, I’m proud to announce that I’ve been successful in applying for a twelve week residency in Birmingham, UK over summer. More info shortly , or follow my progress at the new dedicated blog: http://grahamdunningreagarden.wordpress.com.

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