New drone track on Classwar Karaoke compilation

Available to download free from is Classwar Karaoke‘s thirteenth compilation which includes my new track “British Steam”. The track is an edited excerpt from a live recording and features record crackle, drone and rhythms.

The compilation ranges from ambient music to noise, through electronica, sound art and dark ambient. It also includes tracks from: 6 or 7; Ambient Fabric; Bloem; Cagey House; Caroline Ono; Cezary Gapik; Collectif Sin; Crank Sturgeon; Crash Duo; Donovan/Montag/Pearson; FluiD; Frédéric D. Oberland; Hal McGee; Ian Linter; Igor’s Roomy Lab Coat; John Hyatt; Juca Pimentel & Anton Mobin; Kalistongue; Lezet; Lux P0G0; Macu; Noise Research & Richard Knight; PAS with Big Brother on Acid; Pixyblink; Planetaldol; Qkcofse; Reve Steich; Shield Your Eyes Pray for Death; Sinus Buds; Sound Inhaler; Thanato Twist with Oleg’s Sound System; Thomas Fernier; and Zilmrah.

2 thoughts on “New drone track on Classwar Karaoke compilation

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