Figure Ground: mini residency on a Light Ship

For three days in March and April I’ll be one of twenty artists in residence aboard a light ship moored on the Kent coast. I’ll be making new work, collecting sounds and collaborating with the other artists. The ship will be open to the public on Wednesday 20th April for visitors to see the results.

“Taking place over three days in March and April, artists will collaborate in responding to the space, generating new work and conversations about practising in public. On the third day, the public will be invited to come on board and see the work made, and join in the conversation.”

For more info on the people behind the residency and exhibition, visit the Figure Ground site. For more info on the light ship, see the LV21 Light Ship site.

Figure Ground

The other artists involved are Andrew Cross, Ann Rapstoff, Bram Thomas Arnold, Caren Hartley, David Dixon, Elise Liversedge, Fiona Long,  Hannah Hull, Ingrid Plum, Jane Ponsford, Jessica Mautner, Katarzyna Perlak, Mary Hooper, Matt Bray, Nicola Rae,     Sadie Hennessy, Sarah Britten-Jones, Steve McPherson and Will Nash.

Many thanks to Figure Ground for organising the event.

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