Tape Ghosts released on Modisti: installation soundtrack of found sound

Graham Dunning - Tape Ghosts (cover)

Now available for free download is the sound piece from my installation Untitled 2010. Many thanks to Modisti for the release.

“This recording is a stereo mixdown of the three channel
sound element of an installation “Untitled” (2010) by artist Graham
Dunning. The recording is a composed collection of sounds from
discarded reel-to-reel tapes dating from the 1950s to the 1970s:
people singing nursery rhymes and popular songs alongside hiss, hum
and crackle from the analogue recording process. The installation
features three tape machines paying these disembodied sounds, calling
into question the function of archiving and the relationships between
sound, memory, loss and nostalgia. “Untitled” was first exhibited in
April 2010 at “Lost Language” at Kraak gallery in Manchester, UK, and
most recently at “Time Pieces” at the Peter Scott Gallery at Lancaster
Institute for the Contemporary Arts in March 2011.”


One thought on “Tape Ghosts released on Modisti: installation soundtrack of found sound

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