Feature on Resonance FM for Soanyway

Tonight I’m having some material featured on Resonance FM for Soanyway, the online art magazine. Below is the press release for more information.

Soanyway presents………
Whichever way…
A radio broadcast on Resonance 104.4FM
on Tuesday 26th April 2011 at 8pm GMT,
curated by Marion Harrison
(as part of her Short Fuse broadcast series www.shortfuse2010.co.uk)
Contributors: Eirini Boukla || Paul Cordwell || Graham Dunning || Marion Harrison || Derek Horton || GH Hovagimyan || Barry Hughes || Richard Kostelanetz || Brighid Mulley || Gregor Rozanski || Alex Staiger (in collaboration with Harold Offeh)

As Soanyway continues to thrive as an online magazine, Derek Horton and Lisa Stansbie are expanding Soanyway’s range and reach into other media and new publishing platforms. We intend to invite a number of artists and curators to work with us, taking Soanyway as an archival resource to generate new projects that take it beyond its current online format.
We are pleased to announce that the first of these will be Marion Harrison, working in collaboration with Resonance FM, to produce Whichever way, a live radio broadcast on Resonance at 8pm GMT on 26 April 2011. Marion has commissioned new audio work “translated” from its original format by a number of Soanyway contributors, based in the UK, Berlin, Dublin, New York and Los Angeles. Marion will present these during the broadcast and will be joined live in the studio by Derek Horton from Soanyway, and through a live link to New York City by GH Hovagimyan. Subsequent documentation of the broadcast will later be made available on the Soanyway site.

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