Images from Light Ship installation

In addition to the performance, I built an interactive installation on the LV21 light ship.

The installation consisted of a pair of headphones, a microphone and a book. Viewers were invited to read from the book into the microphone whilst wearing the headphones. The book was Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim, a seafaring tale of a near-shipwreck, which had some resonances with the history of the light ship: phrases relating to sound and to sea collisions were underlined. The sound from the microphone was carried down two decks into a chamber which housed large metal tanks, formerly for compressing air for the fog horn. A speaker inside one of these tanks played back the voice, which was picked up by a pair of microphones and sent back up to the viewer’s headphones: this created a reverb-tank which effected the voice.

Below are some images of the parts of the installation. Many thanks to Hannah Hull for the photos.


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