New release on Electronic Musik compilation

VA - Compilation V (Electronic Musik)My track The Bulging, Rust-Eaten Plates That Kept Back the Ocean, as featured in the New Lexicons of Dark exhibition this past Monday, has been released on Electronic Musik‘s Fifth Compilation.

The track was recorded during my time as artist in residence on a decommissioned light-vessel on the Kent coast, drawing inspiration from that overwhelming sonic environment. The ship’s history had parallels with Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim, including a sea collision which it survived: the title of the track is from the novel.
The track was recorded live, in one take, using: analogue synthesizer, modified turntable and dubplates, contact mic and a microphone outside the studio for live environmental sound.

The free download album features contributions from, amongst many others, Noise Research, The Alaska None, Gary Fisher, Thee Moths, Yoshihiro Kicuchi, Clutter, Anton Mobin and Pregnant Spore. As ever with Electronic Musik, it’s completely free and no sign-ups needed.

Click here for the page on

2 thoughts on “New release on Electronic Musik compilation

  1. Thanks for the word Graham
    all the pleasure is mine to be with you on EM146 !
    Fine composition of you inside

  2. Thanks for spreading the word Graham, it’s turned out to be a wonderful grouping of artists on the compilation …………

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