The Oramics Machine at The Science Museum, London

This Tuesday I begin meetings at The Science Museum in London as part of a team of twelve artists and musicians invited to co-curate an exhibit about Daphne Oram’s electronic music invention, the Oramics Machine, and more widely about electronic music.

More info from the museum’s website:

“The Oramics Machine was invented by Daphne Oram, who had founded the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and later set up her own studio.

“The machine was a tad dusty, to say the least, so over the last year, our conservators have lovingly restored it. And now this grande dame of electronic music will return to the stage once more. In honour of its return, we are organising a temporary exhibition about the history of electronic music.”

I’m really excited to have the opportunity to check out this amazing, forward thinking piece of equipment, to explore the rest of the museum’s collection and for the opportunity of working with such a great institution. I’ll post more detail as I find out.

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