Sci-fi improvising ensemble, Asteroid

This Thursday, 16th June,  I’ll be performing as part of an improvising ensemble called Asteroid, making sci-fi soundscapes, drone and free noise.  I’ll be using analogue synth, modified turntable with dubplates and objects, and minimal processing.

The line up is:
JO THOMAS / laptop / electronics / effects
MARK WAGNER / guitar / effects
KEVIN QUIGLEY / synth / percussive guitar / effects
GRAHAM DUNNING / turntables / objects / electronics
NABIL AHMED / bass / effects

The event takes place at The Others in Stoke Newington, London. Asteroid play in support of Anthony Donovan & Clive Graham (electroacoustic improv from members of Vultures & Morphogenesis). Also playing are psychedelic / drone / noise / shoegaze group, Brideburger.

More info on the Transient Constellations site or on the facebook page.


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