Track playing at SoundFjord event at the ICA

This Saturday my track To Look at Her Sinking is featured as part of SoundFjord‘s Re/Flux: Sublimated Landscape event at the ICA. This is the the first public presentation of this composition.

“For July’s edition of Everything SoundFjord curates an evening of immersive sound and vision in the form of an extended screening of absorbing, contemplative sound art and elastic, subsuming imagery. These works have been especially selected to define the concept of the ‘Sublimated Landscape’ by exploring the saturation of the sonic and visual field, represented by works of immersive sound and visual art. Using the notion of ‘sublimation’ as a point of departure, the screening has been expanded to encompass an exploration of sonic topology through the framing, shaping and distortion of sound, image and space.”

The event runs from 8pm to midnight and is free entry.

Featured Artists:
Andie Brown, Bug Compass, Clinker, David Kristian, + Marie Davidson, Emilian Gatsov, Gastón Arévalo, Graham Dunning, Heribert Friedl, i8u + Cédrick Eymenier, Martin Clarke, Matthew Sansom, Mem1, mimosa|moize, Robert Crouch, Rubedo, Scant Intone, Simon Whetham, Somadrone, Steve Roden, Sublamp, Thomas Park, Tomas Phillips, TU M’, Wil Bolton, William Fowler Collins, + Claudia X. Valdes, Yann Novak

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