Performance with AAS: Social Cube Disintegrator

NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances this event has been cancelled. Steps are being taken to reschedule the performance in future.

This Friday I’ve been invited to play drums with a.a.s artgroup at a ritual performance event in Deptford, Social Cube Disintegrator: Nagual for Roy Bhaskar. The event will follow the score as per these instructions:a.a.s social cube diagram (score)

A – Plane of material interactions with nature
Four performers delineate a square on the ground using the four elements
A fifth performer beats out rhythm on a drum

B – Plane of inter/intra-subjective [personal] relations
Four performers are approached in turn by the fifth performer
The fifth performer transmits instructions on which chant to interpret/perform (enable, constrain, transformation or reproduction) while continuing drumming

C – Plane of social relations
Four performers chant and shout their parts to create a collective noise
The fifth performer hands out drums to members of the audience while continuing drumming

D – Plane of subjectivity of the agent
Four performers attempt to enter into trance through drumming and vocally producing the eternal drone
The fifth performers (audience) accompany

Social Cube Disintegrator: Nagual for Roy Bhaskar
As part of The Long Avant-Garde, curated by Dave Beech.

Performance: 26 August 2011

Cartel Gallery
Black Container Space situated in the Courtyard of
The Old Police Station
114 – 116 Amersham Vale
London, SE14 6LG
Tube: New Cross (East London Overground)
Buses: 188, 47, 59

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