Release: Open Sound Group – Warehouse One

On 25th August I organised another Open Sound Group event featuring 12 improvising musicians and sound artists. I played turntables with dubplates of field recordings, prepared piano and drums. The recordings are now available on the OSG netlabel. Info below.

Open Sound Group - Warehouse One

Open Sound Group – Warehouse One

Four improvised recordings from changing improvising ensemble, Open Sound Group. Rhythm, drone, spoken word, small sounds and noise.

The second OSG event, these tracks were recorded in a warehouse in Manor House, London, in late August 2011. The session was run as an open workshop with players invited to experiment with new ideas, new instruments and new ways of making sounds.

Participants at the event were: James Alaska, Tom Mudd, Andrea Night of Pan, Colin Webster, David Gadson, Jonas Golland, Sharen Sum, Justin Paton, Carlos Slazenger, Caveman Joe, Cathy Gerber and Graham Dunning.

Instruments used included prepared piano, gamelan, violin, saxophone, laptops, turntables, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, spoken word, drums, didley bow, synthesizers and voices.

Click here for the dowload page.
Click here to download direct [zip].

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