Ritual performance with Ingrid Plum: Apiary Gallery, London

This Friday, 4th November I’m performing in a improvising duo with artist Ingrid Plum. I’ll be using turntable, analogue synth, bowed cymbal and electronics; Ingrid will bring her elongated annunciations, movements and play singing bowl.

The performance is part of a night called BURN MAGICK BURN which is showcasing works crossing of live art, ritual, sound, improvisation and performance-lecture. See the press release below for more info:

Friday 4th November 2011
Apiary studios
458 Hackney Rd London, E2 9EG

Curated By Kevin Quigley

BURN MAGICK BURN is a unique evening of performance that brings together a series of artists / performers to explore the boundaries between performance, music and ritual. Coming together under the cloak of Fire magic Ritual in conjunction with the sacrificial Guy Fox’s bonfire weekend the artist’s will present new performance works evoking the sprites and imps of fire!

– expect an evening of spine chilling immersive enchanted music –


English Heretic Present: Burnt Out – Fire Sermons, Fire Summons
Tonight English Heretic explore together the Buddhist concept of The Fire Sermon in the context of its Black Plaque recipients. The Fire Sermon – a metaphor for the burrning nerves of complete psychic capitulation epitomised by the suicides of Michael Reeves and Robert Cochrane; the schizophrenic Ian Ball’s act of royal treason. The Fire Sermon was made popular in the West by TS Eliot’s Wasteland. In 1925, Elliot wrote the Hollow Men, an allusion to the straw effigies of bonfire night, an allusion to his own mental breakdown.

Yumi Hara Cawkwell and Guy Harries perform another intense sound ritual around the theme of fire, using electronics, found objects, movement and voice. Otherworldy, engimatic, transformative, magical.

will perform a intense drone vocal piece with earthquaking ‘transcending’ vocals / drone phasing guitar / dark organ / euphoric saxophone
mysterium players for this performance are –
Christos Fanaras (analog synth-organ)
Colin Webster (alto-sax)
Kevin Quigley (Guitar / electronics)
Leslie Goosey (vocals)
Leigh-ann Abela (vocals)

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