Live solo performance at Unconscious Archives (London)

My first solo performance of the year will be at Unconscious Archives #4 on Tuesday 7th February at Apiary Studios. I’ll be performing with turntables and objects, dubplates and retextured records.
Here’s some more detail from the press release:


Tuesday 7th February
Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Road, London, E2 9EG
7.30pm-10.30pm, £5 donation, b.y.o

Unconscious Archives transverses noise core and vision spectacle bringing together expanded cinema and sonic propositions from London and afar.
UA4 is teaming with other worldly light fantastic machines and aural intricacies to ripen the apocalyptic new year.
Lynn Loo concocts a garden of colour and form for 16mm film accompanied by Steven Ball on sonic manufacturing. Ian Helliwell takes us as close to intergalactic planet watching as your going to get this year. Graham Dunning seeks to cement our appreciation of vinyl with his tough loving of it. Lee Gamble completes the circuit with a music box workout that will disfigure the biosphere leaving detritus and debris thick enough to rival the amount of space junk out there.

Click here for more info.

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