Workshop participant at The Crystal World

Beginning next week I’ll be a participant at a special workshop called The Crystal World, investigating the artistic and musical potential in, amongst others, high heat, high voltage, and toxic processes.

“Crystalline structures are extracted from the earth, and re-crystallized through industrial process as equally ordered computers. In their technological redundancy, precious metals are in turn extracted or de-crystallized within cycles which further destroy life and leach a dangerous chemistry into the planet.

“Mimicking the often dangerous processes undertaken in these extractions by the world’s dispossessed, The Crystal World Open Laboratory proposes to expand these industrialised interventions through experimentation in the formation of novel crystal geologies aimed to etch unexpected psycho(geo)physical distortions and contingencies into our contemporary crystalline cycles.”

Having focused on scientific approaches in previous works – including an investigation into entropy and a pseudo-archaeological investigation – I’m hoping that the five day workshop will give me some new ideas for exploratory work.

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