The Crystal World Salon

Following five days working in the Crystal World Lab, I’ll be presenting some of the results of my experiments at the salon this Saturday, details below. Throughout the week I’ve experimented with using crystals for radio and as oscillators; growing crystals on magnetic tape; electrolysis of contact mics; the piezoelectric properties of crystal; exposing shellac to high temperatures and corrosive chemicals.

The Crystal World Salon
Saturday July 21st
8pm +
The White Building, Unit 7, Queen’s Yard, 43 White Post Lane, London, E9 5EN

Free event with gold and silver drinks

Live performances and presentations fusing mineral extraction and precipitation, biological doping (addition of impurities to engender computational properties) of substrates, construction of high heat and high voltage synthetic geologies, crystalline signal processing,
speculative geophysics, anthropocenic (re-)fossilizations, and diffractedodic imaging: culminating in the ingestion of colloidal suspensions of precious metals in an attempt to stem the contemporary plague.

Participating artists:
Anna Norlander, Bruno Vianna, Felix de Bousies, Fiona Flynn, Graham Dunning, Jenna Bliss, Jonathan Kemp, Kat Borges, Lorah Pierre, Martin Howse, Nihal Yesil, Ryan Jordan.

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