All The Bells: Martin Creed’s Work No. 1197

Artist Martin Creed’s offering for the Olympics is his new project, Work No. 1197: All The Bells. The subtitle of the work explains how it works: All the bells in a country rung as quickly and as loudly as possible for three minutes. Anyone can take part by following the instruction between 8:12 and 8:15 am this Friday 27th July.

By a stroke of luck, my fortnightly sound/art programme, Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone, will be broadcasting live at that time on NTS Live. I plan to participate by ringing a bicycle bell across the airwaves. If you feel like joining in too feel free to crank up the volume of the broadcast or, if you’re feeling particularly enthusiastic, bob down to the studio and ring your own bell in unison.

For more information visit the website for the project at

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