Three new tracks on Signal Void compilation

Released this week is Signal Void, a compilation consisting of hundreds of one-minute noise tracks designed to be played on random. It’s available as a free download through or a physical copy consisting of a wooden USB stick, photographs, oil pastel cover page and more, through bandcamp.

I contributed three tracks to the compilation, which are all fairly self explanatory:
Tin Foil Record, 45 RPM
– A Pointless 48 Minute Dérive, Condensed
– Samples I Never Got Round To Editing, Layered

Also featured on the compilation are: Agent Darkpupa, Alan Courtis, Allan Upton, Andreas Bygdell, Black Branches, Bore, Brickbar? Delusion., Broken Tiny, Bruits Modernes, C.Z.Robertson, Caleb Fosdike, Cauterised, Cinza, Clinics, Club Sauce, Cocaine Wolf, Colon Three, Concrete/Field, Content Nullity, Cracked Skin, Dead Kid Harvester, Dead Wood, Delirium, Diabolical Device, Dj Kaos, Dog, Dominic Faulkner, Dronoisium, Eat Rust, Episiotomist, Eyelash, Falsewander, Fetishground, Francisco Lopez, Frog, Ftrg, Futuredeathtoll, Gak De La Mocha, Garlic.Wav, Ghostfuck, Ginko, The Golden Gonk, Haedron, His Naked Torso, Ian Watson, The Icarus Descent, Ichtyor Tides, Infinity Of 6, International Anthem, Inutile, Jack Chuter, Knifedoutofexistence, L’eclipse Nue, Ledeboiter, Lithuanian Lady Boys, Luke Lund, M19, Martin A. Smith, Matt Warren, Matthias Kispert, Maurizio Opalio, Micromelancolie, Mr. Scared, Mrunderwood, Mumble(Speak), Music For Phantoms, My Cat Is An Alien, Nadja, Necu, Nick Field, Noisesurfer, Olli Aarni, Otto.V.Rhino, Painting Petals On Planet Ghost, Pale Skin Dark Circles, Petals, Pi Is A Lie, Pinkcourtesyphone, Plaguemother, The Post Apocalyptic Project, Praxinoscope, Pray, Repent, Receive, Problem Andere Leute, Ps, Random Toxy, Reach, Ripper Temple Tech, Rj Myato, Robert Curgenven, Robert Martelli, Roberto Opalio, Robin Parmar, Savier, Schemawound, Shhh…, Shitloads Of Fuck All, Siliconball, Slp, Slumberparty, Small Things On Sundays, Spaceships Over Deeside, Star Turbine, Starrysea, The Stranger In The Alps -subterrestrial, Sun Hammer, Syntagma, Thde, Tony Banks And The Venomous Spiders, Tripod Sardine, Tv Bug, Unknown Rockstar, Vanilla Killer, Volia, Y0t0, Yaaard, Yann Novak and 23n!

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