Live performance on Radeq Radio

Update: due to a cycling accident I’ll no longer be performing live. Instead there will be a broadcast of a 685.8 metre extract from 1206221451A from my Music by the Metre series. Listen live here.

On Monday 27th August from 4:30 to 5:00pm I’ll be performing live for Radeq Radio, at a studio based at SoundFjord in London. For a week, Radeq Radio will be celebrating the sun and the summer; In my performance I’ll be live sampling from found tapes relating to that theme. You can listen live at
Press release below:

radio radio radio radio radio radio
listen at: www. radeq. vacau. com
27th – 31st August 2012


‘The Summer of ’12’ radio experiment starts at sunrise (6.06am) in London on Monday the 27th of August and does not stop broadcasting live from sun-lit land until 120 hours later.

As the sun sets in London we’ll switch from our studio here in London to a cleverly placed microphone in None Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand to capture the sun rise and the day’s soundscape. Then, as the sun sets in NZ the stream switches back to London’s sunrise… this continues until London’s sunset on Friday 31st at 19.48.

During this epic sun-salute, listeners can expect to hear sounds related to the sun and the Summer of 2012 from sound artists, musicians, performers and other earth-bound creatures.

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