Improv tape sampling gig for Sonic Rituals #1 (London)

On Monday 29th October I’ll be performing an improv set using found tapes, live sampling them via walkmans to make a collage of rhythm and drone. Also playing are Yumi Hara Cawkwell, Guy Harries, Illi Adato, Emily Shapiro and Valerie Pezeron. Full details below, FB even page here.

Sonic Rituals #1
A multimedia performance of improvisation creating enigmatic, magical and ritualistic space and celebration of Cakey Muto’s 1st Anniversary.
Monday 29 Oct, 7pm £5 £3 (cons)
at Cakey Muto (downstairs), 25 Chatsworth Road, LONDON, E5 0LH
Overground: Homerton
Bus stops just outside: 242, short walk: 236, 276, 425, 488, W15,
close by: 30, 26, 308, 394
Yumi Hara Cawkwell (vo, found object, toy piano, clarineo, violin)
Guy Harries (vo, found object, flute, electronics)
Graham Dunning (found object, electronics)
Illi Adato (percussion, electronics)
Emily Shapiro (clarinet)
Valerie Pezeron (live drawing)

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