Performance and Recording for NTS compilation LP (London)

On Monday 5th November, 7-11pm, I’ll be performing at a secret East London location which will be broadcast by Boiler Room.

The entire four hours will also be recorded to reel-to-reel tape, edits of which will be pressed to a new LP celebrating the NTS Live radio station.

I’ll be using found tapes, walkmans and electronics to make a collage of rhythm and drone.

The show itself is strictly private, if you want to come along you need to RSVP here: 
Further info below:

So for the next in our Red Stripe Make Sessions series we’ve teamed up with everyone’s favourite local radio station NTS, to put together an event quite unlike anything any of us have taken on before. The concept is to invite down some pretty incredible, creative and talented local homies to play live over the course of a night – record their performances on reel-to-reel tape and press them up on vinyl for an NTS compilation.

Performances include: Paco Sala (the combined talents of producer Anthony Harrison and vocalist Leyli), the exciting genre melting band Yola Fatoush, sound artist and tape texture wizard Helm, Insominiax – who seem to take on pretty much every aspect of London’s ‘sound’ and make it their own.. sound and visual artist Graham Dunning, local hero Mr. My Panda Shall Fly, the incredible The Temperatures who apperently tore it at NTS’ Band Practice session, Greek accordian outfit fos, London vocalist Leanne Miller, NTS’ hottest new label in residence the 92 Points troops and the fantastic team NYX Chariot. All in all, it reflects how NTS doesn’t give a crap what it is you do, but how you do it..

Oh and of course, the whole thing will be hosted by the incredible NTS Radio breakfast unit that is Charlie Bones and Marsha!

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