Duo with Saxophonist Colin Webster at Uncharted Soundscapes (London)

LumiereJan2013On Wednesday 23rd January I’ll be playing a turntable alongside saxophonist Colin Webster at Uncharted Soundscapes, at Lumiere, Clapton (London). Following on from our studio sessions in 2012 our set will encompass small sounds, textures and polyrhythms with a minimal set-up.
More info from their facebook event page here.

Uncharted Soundscapes started out as a series of concerts reflecting the lively London free improvisation scene, but has now grown into a string of events that includes both improvised and notated music, live art, puppet theatre, film, poetry, life, the universe and everything.So step into the vaults of the mysterious and enigmatic Lumiere and drift away on the uncharted vastness of the imaginations of musicians, artists and free spirits from around Chatsworth Road and the whole wide London Town.”

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