Residency at The Penthouse NQ (Manchester)

penthouseThe Penthouse NQ is a new artist’s space in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, a not for profit artist space set up by artists Debbie Sharp & Rosanne Robertson. A place for making, doing, sharing and showing. I’ll be artist in residence there from Monday 8th April to Sunday 14th April.

Two years ago I moved from Manchester (where I’d lived for eleven years) down to London. During the residency at Penthouse I aim to explore how the character of city has intangibly changed, and in turn how myself and my practice have changed. I also plan to develop some new areas of work, specifically photo-collage and video. My work is often personal, sometimes dealing with difficult issues like my own failure and unresolved ideas. As the city holds many memories for me I’ll revisit some specific sites and perhaps remake some past works. I’ll begin by creating an archive, by making dérives of the city documenting my feelings and altered memories though photographs, video and field recordings. This archive will form the source material for new work.

Collaboration through improvised music and sound is a central aspect of my work. During the residency I’ll host an Open Sound Group workshop: an opportunity for artists working with sound, musicians, composers and performers to meet, discuss their practice and improvise together. Recordings and documentation will be edited and released through my netlabel of the same name. (Please contact me if you’d like to take part.)

Finally, in an open studio on the penultimate day of the residency, I’ll show the work I’ve created over the week and be around to discuss it. If appropriate this may also include a performance. (FB Event)

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