Improv duo recording to be played on Resonance FM

Tonight from 9:30pm an edited section of a live set I played with saxophonist Colin Webster will be played on Resonance FM. The set, which was recorded for the Uncharted Soundscapes night a couple of months back, features Colin on sax and myself using one turntable.

A bit about the show: Soundhub brings together a diverse range of music creators based at LSO Soundhub to talk all things composition. From questions of style and creative process, to the place and state of new music in society at large, Soundhub is an insight into the lives, times and music of composers working today. [Repeated Thursday 10am]

This show is a special on improv, presented by Elo Masing, “Playing music by Graham Dunning and Colin Webster (live set from Uncharted Soundscapes), Tom Jackson/Benedict TaylorCharlie Sdraulig and more…”

Listen live through the Resonance Website or your analogue radio (in London) on 104.4 fm.

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