Improvised drone ritual with Moon Ra (London)

manymoonraOn Saturday 25th May I’m performing as part of a large improvising ensemble, Moon Ra, for the Many Moons Over London event.

Various musicians using electronic and acoustic instruments, with a backgounds in various experimental, rock and noise acts. I’ll be using analogue synth and electronics.

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Full info below:

Many Moons Over London
Corbridge Warehouse, Hackney
Free Entry
Saturday 25th May, 8pm

We are RA

We channel the Law of One through the medium of Communal Creative Enlightenment utilizing the vibratory sound complexes of mind/body/spirit.
Furthering this cycle of Creation, we bring forth the power only available through the combined efforts of the group/soul or the ‘Many Moons’ in this case.
Each entity (mind/body/spirit complex) is a unique portion of the creation, and the creation in turn a portion of the entity. The exploration, thus, is free to continue infinitely into an eternal present.

Channelings / Transmissions / Performance will be held in the spacial settings of the Corbridge Warehouse on the full Moon of 25/05/2013 8 – 11pm

We are those , the Law of One…

We are RA

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