Tape sampling track released for Classwar Karaoke 0023

CWKlogoThe first track from my release Topaz has been released on the 23rd Classwar Karaoke compilation. The track is an early recording using the found tape sampling technique I’ve been working with over the past couple of years: all input sound sources are from cassettes picked up second hand, sampled using cheap delay units to make an improvised sound collage.

“dear friends of the faction, or otherwise of its inevitable enhancements, the classwar karaoke and the precisions of its virtue … here, this time, we are 102 participants-strong, with 91 pieces of music and 23 short-films. We may accept these as counter to the mere executive, or the primitively suffuse, and, quickly, in favour of ergo genome, eno-obscene-o … all those jape cloggers, in egg fripp and elsewhere. Please love this array … “

Click here to download.

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