Live build of Music by the Metre for If Wet (Worcestershire)


On Sunday 29th Setpember I’ll be talking about the Music by the Metre project then building a version live, allowing it to run to fill both sides of a tape. The automated composition will include turntables, dubplates, analogue synthesiser, home made electronics, tape loops and live environmental sound. I’m planning the presentation to be part show-and-tell, part lecture and part live composition.

Graham will be presenting his Music by the Metre project, including a live build of a Music by the Metre piece. The project is an homage to situationist Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio who made and sold abstract “painting by the metre”.

Each one is a system of sound making machines which will play indefinitely if left to run. The resulting audio is never changing but never the same: loops of different tempos mix with unstable drones and live environmental sound (a mic out of the window) to make a stable but evolving collage. For If Wet Graham will build one of these conglomerate machines and talk through this process.

Graham is also making a run of 10 recycled tapes individually recorded with a differentMusic by the Metre piece on each side and a handmade cover.

If Wet takes place at Callow End Village Hall in rural Worcestershire. Full details here.


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