Writing on collaboration published and audio played at Sluice Art Fair


This weekend is Sluice Art Fair, the artist-led fair which happens concurrently with and in contrast to Frieze. According to a-n, Sluice offers “a snapshot of grassroots practice in 2013”. I’m indirectly involved in a couple of ways. 

BRG is an art group focussing on collaborative processes. For Sluice BRG is publishing In Numbers, a collection of articles from groups across the UK on that theme. I have written about Open Sound Group, the series of open workshop and networking events and netlabel I’ve been running since 2010. My article is illustrated with waveforms of some of the OSG recordings, such as the one above.

Open Sound Group recordings will also be played by people from The Penthouse, the artist led project space and residency programme in Manchester. Recordings from my residency there earlier in the year will feature along side performances and improvisations from some of their regular contributors.


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