Collage masks in group show for Collagism (London)

collagemask01Some collage masks I made at the Apiary Salon run by Collagism are showing in a new show at Vestibule, from Thursday 7th till 14th November. Details below:

Collaborators Holly-Anne Buck and Adam Milburn present a piece of Sonic and Visual Collagism in ALIENESE 24 HOUR.

The pair began collaborating whilst living in Tokyo in 2002 with their Audio Visual project Mink Engine. Together their multidisciplinary work has been shown widely around the world. As artists and producers their work explores the relationship between sound and pictures.

ALIENESE 24 HOUR is a new video work created for the final Exhibition of a 6 month residency at The Vestibule Gallery. The piece explores the internet of you, me, them and whatever is 2013… Alienese24HOUR #Collagism

HYSTERIA – Shuby, Aida & Collagism 
Benito Juárez 
Oliver Baggot
Jay Harper
Graham Dunning
Will Merryn Edgecombe
Tracy Quertier 
Kids from World End Estate 
and lots more artists who’ll be added.

Come and celebrate the end of an era!

A dialectic for distress
Multiculturalism n’ daytime TV
SOS Tempelhof Skinny Latte? YOLO!
HashTAG David Attenborough Good Idea
Generator Art from Mars
Peckham Peace Wall love you long time
Beijing free size Las Vegas BFF TTYL
Hegemony of power
Mustache bar will give you all Top Shop
Bhangee Batty Boy ROFL Hello Chicago
Marfa Karaoke like a G6
Theoretical limits of the zeitgeist
Epitaph for the limits of our existence

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