Seven Days Of Sound exhibition (Leamington Spa)


Some of my work is being shown in a new exhibition in Leamington Spa from 2nd to 9th December.

“7 Days Of Sound, part of a larger 365 Days Of Sound project, will be brought to the not-for-profit venue by the Birmingham-based [RHP] CDR – a research, production and event programming organisation which is celebrating its first anniversary this year – which has obtained a grant from Warwick District Council to stage the festival.

“Featuring diverse work from around 50 British and international artists, the event will feature art, music, video, design, sound experimentation, performance art, electronics and much more – and all events are free to attend.” – Leamington Courier

The exhibition includes work by:

• Pete Wiseman
• Space Gambus Experiment
• Andy Hopkins
• Cormac Faulkner
• Plurals
• MortonUnderwood
• Graham Dunning
• The Zero Map
• Svartvit
• KnifedOutOfExistence
• Dead Wood
• Ypsmael
• Elizabeth Veldon

Full details and lineup here.

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