Moon Ra: Cycles and Revolutions. New Year’s Day (London)

On New Year’s Day 2014 I’ll be one of 20+ performers in Moon Ra, celebrating the new moon and welcoming the new year.

7pm at The Round Chapel, Clapton.


Moon RA | 01/01/2014 | Cycles & Revolutions

New Moon | New Year’s Day | Round Chapel

Moon RA was first staged on 21.12.2012, as a live and multi disciplinary performance, following the concept of ‘Creative Enlightenment’ under the mystical and channelled guidance of ‘RA’ and the ‘Law of One’, Moon RA brings together a rotating cast of performers, artists, outsiders, insiders, healers, heads and musicians. Performances are billed as one-off fully immersive spectacles, occupying spiritual and acoustic enhancing sites on celestially meaningful dates. With the aid of triggers like the use of costume and with the intervention of visual projections, the participants of Moon Ra create atmospheres and catalysts for long trance inducing sets, casting aside social driven influences and creating instead for and within the cycle of Infinite creation.

For Cycles & Revolutions the Round Chapel will be turned into an immersive transcendental auditory and visual experience. A Magical Mystical way to start the New Year

Performers will include: Mark Wagner, Sanna Charles, Rob Truscott, Rob Face, Kev Morpurgo, Jussi Brightmore, Alexander Tucker, Gordon Watson, Christos Fanaras, Shenggy Shen, Lani Rocillo, Mark Pilkington, Harriet Bevan, Zoo Franzoni, Graham Dunning, Matt Ridout, John Harrington, Colin Webster, Barry Lotus, Ryan Jordan, Tom Fugg, James Shearman, Robbie Judkins and more…

Projections by Conny Prantera, Chriss Jones

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