Maritime sound installation at the Tin Tabernacle, Kilburn (London)

Tonight I’m showing a new maritime themed installation at the TIN TABERNACLE in Kilburn, for this event. If you’ve never been to the venue it’s well worth a visit – a kind of church made out of corrugated iron built and used by the sea cadets, the inside of which is styled like a giant gunship…. Odd place, and ideal for the event tonight!


Thursday 27th February 2014

Tin Tabernacle
Kilburn Park – Bakerloo Line
12 – 16 cambridge avenue

5GBP or free donation

“sound art events” performs with artists, musicians and digital composers. it is an hybrid between art and live. in this occasion experimental sets and installations will approach relational aesthetics and counter-culture. you will listen distortions, radars, telegraphs, signal intrusions, electromagnetic interferences, soundscapes, warscapes, filters, feedbacks, echos. experimental, diy, dark-ambient, guitar amp
the event will be holding an exhibition of media archeology, morse telegraphs, and morse telegraphs receivers, loudspeakers, and more sound devices from 50.70´s.

instructions: work in progress non-stop timed sets

– juan jose rivas
– grant smith
– charlie wheatley
– james sherman
– graham dunning
– iris garrelfs
– andrew page
– bioni samp
– st’art moves
– his Namelessness Is Legion
– robbie judkins & tsasos stamou
– mark wagner
– luke Jordan

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