Electronics/Improv/Noise gig with Gary Fisher (London)




“The cerebellum (Latin for little brain) is a region of the brain that plays an important part in motor control. It may also be involved… in regulating fear and pleasure responses”

Join Charlotte CHW, resident artist/curator-host for a b-spanking new night of live art, sound, installations, film and DJs in the cavernous environs of the downstairs bar of the Macbeth… artists as entertainment.

*Arty types put your thinking caps on and pitch an idea into the “Little Brainbox” for a chance to have a short piece or installation selected for the next showdown performed by yourself or delegated to CHW*

Featured artists will be showcased and promoted in a unique online mini publication.

Tuesday 6th May 2014
The MAckbeth, Hoxton, London

…in order of alphabet

Graham Dunning and Gary Fisher
Lo-fi improvised electronics

Sadie Edginton
‘Feast on This’
Bread. Participatory installation.

Kitty Fedorec
‘Doggerland’ (scratch)
A work about loss, control, and coastal erosion as explored through ritual acts and falling sand.

CHW (Charlotte Hailey-Watts)
‘Killing Machine’
An unfinished/ unfinishable short film on surrounding environment as lethal weapon sparks a scratch performance installation about concrete and claustrophobia.

Liz Helman
‘Disoriental’ (Screening)
London-based artist and independent curator Liz Helman works across different media, including sound, video, photography and painting. In her time-based media works she explores the psychological and emotional attachment to place and dwelling. Journeying between recollection and reality, she challenges format driven orthodoxies, fragmenting and layering images and sound to consider the experience of dislocation and displacement.


Jasmine Lee
‘Nervous Nosebleed’
In Performance Art blood is real. In the theatre it’s ketchup

Gary McQuiggin
‘Heron’ (Screening)
An early short from this award winning filmmaker about ‘loneliness and cardboard’

Jesse Tadini Rybolt
Readings of new writings over powerful layers of noise

DJS: Center Parcs Fun Time Gang AV set, Charlotte CHW

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