Two new handmade tape releases

I have two new editions of tapes available, each with unique covers and individually recorded using the Music By The Metre technique.

LinguaphoneLinguaphone is made from a set of fifteen language cassettes. The covers are cut-outs of illustrations from the accompanying books, printed with two colours of lino-cut ink.

This edition was made for my recent tour with Colin Webster. The final two copies are on sale at Electric Knife Records in Kentish Town, London.

Digital tracks are on my bandcamp page for £0+

WIN Winning in Negotiations was made exclusively for Editions of You and will be available at their events soon.

I was interviewed as part of a documentary about the project and I used the sound of my voice during the questions as a source in the sound collage.

Likewise, a digital copy is on the bandcamp page for £0+


The recordings were made with automated machines which were left to run, each tape recorded in succession so that each is different to the last while containing sound from the same set of sources. 
The digital recordings are again slightly different from any of the tape versions.

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