Drum Drone – at Alternative 23 Visitation (traitors only, no tricksters) (London)


Drum Drone

An hour long performance of percussive drone made up of continuous sustained rhythms with visuals from layered, cut-up found film.

Ana Benlloch, David Burrows, John Cussans, Ralph Dorey, Graham Dunning, Mark Jackson, Alex Marzeta, Tom Milsom, Vanessa Page, Simon O’Sullivan, Harriet Skully and Stuart Tait.

Part of:

Alternative 23 Visitation (traitors only, no tricksters)
Saturday 24 January 2015 6:30 – 9:30pm
Admission free

Plastique Fantastique Diagram of (Urb-Fux Glitter) Addiction
David Burrows | Alex Marzeta | Vanessa Page | Simon O’Sullivan | Harriet Skully

Plastique Fantastique performance (with projection and sound) of the mumming-communique: How Urb-FUX-Glitter-Junky (an ALL-STAR) incubates and spreads the Virus-Junk-GLOOP – the gift-habit of PLASTIC-Man (the ice-cream-maker) and his Running-RAT-Boyz-Cycle – until all are GLOOP-Blissed-Flat.

Drum Drone: 8:15pm

Both performances will include film projections and loud noise. The performances are free and open to all, and will take place next door to IMT Gallery at Recession Studios

Alternative 23 is supported by the Arts Council England and the Goethe Institut

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