“As Above So Below” – Performance with Moon Ra to mark the solar eclipse (Bristol).

I’ll play drum and light-synth drone with Moon Ra at this spectacular event:

Cacophonous Sarcophagus and MKII present:

A night of sonic alchemy in the crypt and the church upstairs.

As Above, So Below
St John the Baptist church & crypt, Bristol
20.03.2015 | Total Solar Eclipse
[facebook event]


Moon RA are an improvisatory drone-collective based in London.
Featuring up to 40 performers of varying disciplines including; projectionists, costume designers, stylists and videographers, plus all forms of instrumentation (including the St. John’s pipe organ), they create immersive worlds of sound you can lose yourself in.

On 20th March, the Total Solar Eclipse and Vernal Equinox, Moon RA will simultaneously take over the crypt space as well as the church upstairs, for a performance titled ‘As Above, So Below’. Previous shows include playing London’s Round Chapel on New Years’ Day and a fort in Rome on the Solstice.

Concerning the Bristol show, the groups’ spiritual leader Mark Wagner explained;

“The lighter more ætherial sounds / performers will occupy the church space, creating a more subtle and airy form of sound-ritual magic.
Downstairs would host a more ‘dark’ tribal and physical type of ritual performance.
The audience would dip in and out of both, absorbing the contrast and polarity of both atmospheres.”

The performance will last for approximately 4 hours and entry is free, relying on donations and purchases of some special prints which will be available to buy on the night.


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