Buried tape and dubplate exhibited for Roadside Museum (Leeds)

The Roadside Museum is exhibiting again, this time at The Basement Arts Project in Leeds. I have a dubplate and a tape spool of some of my sound pieces in the show. Like all the works exhibited, they were buried for a year in a field in West Lancashire, before being exhumed and shown in their state of decay.


Roadside Museum | An exhibition curated by John O’Hare & Gordon Culshaw

BasementArtsProject, Leeds, LS11
Preview: Friday, 8th May, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

8th May – 17th May 2015
(weekends 2pm – 4pm and at other times by appointment)

In the overlapping spheres of the art historical object and that of the contemporary art object the subject of preservation is a contentious one. In a reversal of the usual museological concerns, curators John O’Hare and Gordon Culshaw set out to investigate the affect of time and biological and chemical decay on artworks.

Selected from an Open Call by Culshaw and O’Hare artists Graham Dunning (UK), Barbara Ekström (Sweden), Stig Evans (UK), Veronika Lukasova (Czech Republic / UK), Fred Martin (France), Samira Shafiei Nejad (Iran / UK), Raksha Patel (UK), Topp and Dubio (Netherlands),Peter Trukenbrod (Sweden), and Chris Wood(UK) elected to have their work buried in a field at a depth of six feet on a farm in Lancashire for 12 months prior to exhibiting. Towards the end of 2014 the site was excavated and the works were exhumed to allow the curators and artists the opportunity to further develop their ideas. The resultant Roadside Museum exhibition takes both the objects and documentation of the excavation, and looks at the changes brought about through the process of accelerated decay.

As a curator John O’Hare has worked on projects with, amongst others, Construction Gallery, London and Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool. he has also been involved in many projects as an artist and a writer.


Gordon Culshaw is a practicing artist and curator based in Merseyside working with film and video. His critically acclaimed work has been exhibited widely and regularly features in film festivals around the world.

For directions to BasementArtsProject please e-mail Bruce at basementartsproject@gmail.com

Website: http://basementartsproject.com/

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