Screening: AAS Young Castle of the Elder Sun

Young Castle of the Elder Sun is a video document of a performance by AAS. It is shown here unedited in its original broadcast format.

Thursday 16th July 2015
LimeWharf, Vyner Street, E2 9DJ London, United Kingdom
Film starts at 7pm sharp.


The performance was commissioned by Flux Factory, New York , as the closing event of Strobe Network. It was performed and broadcast live from Gallery North, Newcastle. The performance borrows from television show formats, occult technology and the work and life of William Burroughs. AAS functions as band, reporter, object, inquisitor, producer, camera operator, technician, educator, performer and saboteur simultaneously, in a performance which follows a predetermined system which grinds the content toward entropy. The original broadcast aired at 4:00pm GMT / 10:00 AM EST 21st June during Summer Solstice. At 5:38pm GMT 11:38 EST The Thing Happens.


“For those only just tuning in…”
[A monolith]

[Bloods flow together]

[Continuity announcer voice]

At 5:38 the thing happens.
[Sound of magma]

[text ends]

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