Two turntable improv performances this weekend (London)

On Saturday 25th July I’m performing twice in London at different events.


In the afternoon I’m playing turntable, dubplates and objects with Colin Webster on saxophone, at I’Klektik Arts Lab for Terra Incognita.
This is an audio-visual collaboration between Crux and the I’klectik Art Lab. We will be both inside and outside I’klectik to create an electronic garden located in the heart of Waterloo.

Crux + I’klectik
present an electronic garden in Waterloo
Midday – Midnight. £5 entry
‘Old Paradise Yard’, 20 Carlisle Lane ( Royal Street corner ) SE1 7LG


In the evening, a brand new ensemble playing with Colin on sax, Ingrid Plum on vocals and tapes, and John Macedo on modular synth. We’ll be playing through an eight channel surround system, with our sounds diffused spatially by Coryn Smethurst.
New River Studios, 199 Eade Road, N4 1DN
7:30pm – 10:30pm

Works for fixed media by:  Wende Bartley Xavier Garcia,
Monique Jean, Ivo Malec, Huw McGreggor, Jon Panther, Elaine Radigue, Raum, Karin Senff, Coryn Smethurst, Dixie Treichel, Pascale Trudel

Live works by

Manoli Moriaty (Live feedback work with audience participation)
Graham Dunning, (Graham Dunning (turntable) / John Macedo (modular synth) / Ingrid Plum (voice) / Colin Webster (saxophone)
Charles Matthews (Live performance with augmented gamelan instruments)

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