Percussion and voice for Murmurists ensemble

On Saturday 15th August Murmurists will perform live, as a large scale ensemble to a graphic score. The performance was conceived and arranged by Anthony Donovan and takes place as part of An Evening With Classwar Karaoke. I’m playing percussion and vocalising Anthony’s text as “decorative heckling” during the performace.

An Evening With Classwar Karaoke
Saturday 15th August 2015, 7:00pm
Anatums Abode, 613 Commercial Road, London, E14 7NT

Anatum’s Abode presents an Evening With classwar karaoke, starringMurmurists, Ampersand/Zolan Quobble/Vjflickeringlight, In Phlogiston Veil and Oblivian Substanshall



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