Rhythm & Drone // Research & Development: Artist in Residence for LimeWharf Machines Room


Throughout September I’m working as artist in residence at the Machines Room makerspace at LimeWharf. The project is called Rhythm & Drone // Research & Development and I’ll spend my time exploring these concepts and how they relate to my practice, plus making new machines, recordings and other bits and bobs.

I’ll be working at the space most weekdays in September, apart from the week beginning 21st. Visitors are welcome to come and have a chat about what I’m getting up to, and to see the work I’ve been making. I’ll also post regular updates on the blog, here.

At a workshop session on Saturday 5th from 2pm-4pm visitors will be invited to build soundmaking systems of their own.

Additionally a discussion group will run each week with a different guest presenting their work and its relationship to the project’s themes. The group will run from 2-4pm.
Friday 4th – Mark Jackson
Friday 11th – Tom Richards
Friday 18th – Tom Mudd
Tuesday 29th  – Leslie Deere

The residency will finish with a live event on Thursday 1st October, Ghost in the Machine Music, taking place at New River studios in Manor House – https://www.facebook.com/events/520503718100158/


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